Why the American Curriculum is the First Choice of Parents in Many Countries

Why the American Curriculum is the First Choice of Parents in Many Countries

The American schools in Qatar have many benefits for many students, but why should you choose them for your child? This article outlines some of the benefits: A hidden curriculum, IDEA guidelines for tests and interviews, High standards, and trustworthiness. It is also worth reading if you’re coming from a different country and have not yet discovered the benefits of this curriculum. Read on to find out why the American curriculum is the first choice of parents in many countries.

Hidden curriculum:

There are numerous examples of the hidden curriculum in our educational system. This curriculum is not part of the formal curriculum, but it reinforces the status quo and contributes to undesirable behaviors. Low graduation and college enrollment rates are two examples of these hidden curriculums. Moreover, the hidden curriculum reinforces cultural values in society by instilling stereotypes. It has the potential to shape young minds and influence the way they behave. The hidden curriculum in the American curriculum should be addressed to ensure that our education system is fit for purpose and not only to further a political agenda.

High standards of achievement:

The American curriculum has high academic standards. The goals in math, English language arts, and literacy set the standards for students. The goal is for all students to graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life.


The American curriculum is a product of collective decisions by teachers, state agencies, textbook publishers, and science curriculum kit publishers. Although the curriculum is not a mandated textbook, standards establish the criteria for curricula and must be followed when developing them. To ensure that curricula are aligned with the goals and objectives of each state and school district, teachers and curriculum designers must develop aligned textbooks, curriculum kits, and media-based resources.

IDEA guidelines for tests and interviews:

Evaluation procedures for students with disabilities must follow IDEA guidelines. These guidelines detail the use and administration of tests and interviews and include information about reasonable accommodations that may be necessary for students with disabilities. Communication with parents and students’ health care providers should also be encouraged. A collaborative effort between school nurses and school mental health professionals is also necessary to ensure a student’s safety and well-being. Below are additional tips to follow when administering tests and interviews.

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