Why Safety Shoes Are Important at the Workplace

Why Safety Shoes Are Important at the Workplace

Many people work in environments were wearing the proper footwear is imperative to their safety. A good safety shoe has thick, sturdy soles and a sturdy upper. Shoes with soft soles are not recommended for these environments because they can increase the chance of an employee being injured. Safety shoes are an important investment for the health and safety of both employees and coworkers. It is especially important to wear protective footwear when working around hazardous materials. When you consider buying safety shoes online, you should know why they are important for the workplace.

Electrical hazards

Electrical hazards can be deadly. When you contact electricity, it can lead to cardiac arrest or even death. You can prevent such an accident by wearing electrically rated shoes. These shoes can be classified as either Dielectric (DI) or Electrical Hazard (EH) rated. Many electrical specialists do not know the difference between these two classifications. However, there are some guidelines that you should follow.

Slippery surfaces

Slips and trips in the workplace can be dangerous and expensive. Slips can be caused by low grips between shoes and the floor. Falls can also cause serious injuries, including broken bones and even death. Safety shoes prevent these injuries by offering adequate traction. The right type of outsole materials can also reduce the risk of punctures. Slippery surfaces can also cause injury due to their inability to grip the surface.

Chemical spills

Chemical spills can happen at any time. In some cases, an accidental release of a chemical can cause exposure to a person, contaminate work areas, and even damage the environment. Although every chemical spill and release is unique, general guidelines are provided for preventing chemical exposure, dealing with vapors, and evacuating the affected area. Safety shoes are a key part of a well-equipped safety kit.

Extreme temperatures

In addition to keeping feet warm, safety shoes can protect your feet from burns that occur at work. Burns can occur at any location, from cement to chemical spills. Also, wearing durable footwear can protect your feet from cold or molten metal splashes. And, while we’re talking about cold weather, we should mention the danger of hypothermia and frostbite. In cold weather, wearing the proper footwear can prevent your feet from becoming hypothermic, leading to death.

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