Essential Medical Equipment for Medical Labs

Essential Medical Equipment for Medical Labs

In a modern laboratory, there are hundreds of new pieces of equipment for medical labs in Dubai on the market every year. While high-tech items like 3D printers and MRI machines have invaded the medical field, some tried-and-true pieces of equipment will always be essential. A good lab is comprised of a handful of essential items. Here is a look at the essential equipment that all labs need to be successful.

Cell counters:

Counting cells is essential in medical labs. The accuracy of cell counts is vital for seeding experiments, analyzing transformation success, and monitoring cell proliferation. Manual cell counters, also known as hemocytometers, use visual counts and may be biohazardous. Automated cell counters use vision-based technology and require dyes and dedicated reagents. This equipment is the best choice for medical laboratories.


Ultracentrifuges play an important role in isolating extracellular vesicles, which are particles of similar density in blood plasma. These particles must be finely separated to extract the biomolecules within. This process requires several steps of washing and centrifugation and can take hours. There are many models available. Read on to find out more about the benefits of ultracentrifuges.


Incubators are used in medical laboratories to grow bacteria in a controlled environment. Some models come with additional features, such as heating apparatus and temperature sensors. Others have double-walled walls to ensure safety. Incubators with extra features also come with an interface for recording data and a device to record the temperature, which reduces the researcher’s involvement in the culturing process. Regardless of whether the incubator is used for animal work or human research, its features make it a necessity for medical labs.


The separation of different components in a mixture is called chromatography. Chromatography works on the principle of a stationary phase and a mobile phase. The separation is dependent on several factors, including adsorption, partition, and differences in molecular weight. In some cases, the components stay for long periods in the stationary phase, while others move rapidly from the stationary phase to the mobile phase.

Water baths:

Water baths are used to heat samples in laboratories. These devices are commonly used to heat flammable materials, such as chemicals and cell lines. There are many types of water baths, and each one has a different purpose. Some baths circulate the water while others shake the water to keep the sample in motion while heating. Generally, water baths can reach temperatures between 5 and 99 degrees, although higher temperatures require an alternative heating method.

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