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Episode 43 – Whatcha Playin’ 08.13.12

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This week the discussion focuses around death—whether it’s a game that kills you mercilessly or an examination of uncertainty, AJBS explores one of gaming’s most enduring topics in this week’s Whatcha Playin’.

Rich examines his own mortality with XBLA’s Spelunky, comparing it to rougelikes of yesteryear; Steve tackles Spec Ops: the Line‘s take on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness while Matt plays the App store’s iOS RPG puzzler, 10000000.

Finally, many listeners have said they have been experiencing some problems with the donate button; the issue has been fixed and you can now donate here. Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention.

Featuring music by I Fight Dragons

PAX 2011 Special – Day 1

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Penny Arcade Expo 2011, PAX 2011
A Jumps B Shoots is on-hand at 2011’s Penny Arcade Expo, talking with the creators of some of the most interesting indie games at the show. Take a listen!

Day 1: Matt speaks to the developers of Spelunky, Snapshot, A Flipping Good Time and Atom Zombie Smasher. Also, stick around after the credits for some great post-roll from an unrecorded panel of 1Up’s Retronauts PAX podcast.

Featuring music from Spelunky, Mega Man 2, Duck Tales, and Wild Arms