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Episode 46 – PAX Adventure 2012

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Matt took a trip to the fabled land of Seattle, WA to experience the 8th Wonder of the World that is PAX. Amidst the sea of cosplayers, MMO junkies, Counter-Strike pros, Nintendo fanboys, booth babes, and wide-eyed first-timers… there were the indie game developers. 5 games struck Matt as either super interesting, super fun, or just different. Here is the 5 converstations Matt had at PAX with the developers of Catch-22, Octodad: The Dadliest Catch, Splice, The Bridge, and Johan Sebastian Joust.

Featuring music by Supercommuter from the album Products of Science

PAX 2011 Special – Day 1

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Penny Arcade Expo 2011, PAX 2011
A Jumps B Shoots is on-hand at 2011’s Penny Arcade Expo, talking with the creators of some of the most interesting indie games at the show. Take a listen!

Day 1: Matt speaks to the developers of Spelunky, Snapshot, A Flipping Good Time and Atom Zombie Smasher. Also, stick around after the credits for some great post-roll from an unrecorded panel of 1Up’s Retronauts PAX podcast.

Featuring music from Spelunky, Mega Man 2, Duck Tales, and Wild Arms