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Episode 30 – Gaming, Developing, Conferencing

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Our co-host 
Steve Haske just got back from the 2012 Game Developers Conference, and to celebrate his first foray into the “summer-camp” for industry types and developers, we welcome our friend and fellow game journalist Jeffrey Matulef back to the show to talk about all the goings on at the conference. Among the discussion topics are some of the games that were observed, the kind of community GDC fosters (not to mention hugs between industry friends), the highs and lows of the event’s social elements.

We also talk a bit about the new “digitally enabled folk game” Johann Sebastian Joust, which utilizes Sony’s Move controllers (in an unauthorized fashion), Bach’s “Brandenburg Concertos”, and a group of people to form one of the most fascinatingly unorthodox instances of multiplayer gaming this year. You’ll be intrigued.

Featuring music from Knife City‘s self-titled EP

Mass Effect 3
Yakuza: Dead Souls
Binary Domain

Finally, we wanted to make a special thank you to Old Town Computers in Portland, OR. Thanks guys.

Episode 1 – Debut Episode!! (part 1 of 1)

On the debut episode of A Jumps B Shoots, co-hosts Matt Hunter, Rich Lau and Steve Haske welcome Adam Boyce (a gaming enthusiast friend of Steve’s from South Carolina) to talk about some of their favorite games. In ‘Whatcha Playin’?’, we discuss how strange is is that the most recent 3D Castlevania, Lords of Shadow, is better than the recent 2D Castlevania (XBLA’s Harmony of Despair);  An examination of controllerless gaming and the ways it’s tearing down the barriers between gamers and would-be non-gamers follows, as well as reviews of the Sega Genesis’ Castlevania: Bloodlines, Legendary Axe for the Turbo Grafix and PS3’s Gran Turismo 5.

Featuring the music of Nick Maynard

Rival Turf

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Legendary Axe

Gran Turismo 5