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This will be our last episode for a while. Don’t think of this as a good-bye, think of it as a we’ll see you later.

On this episode, Matt describes his experiences downloading retro games on his 3DS and unveils all of the portable magic with the NES, Gameboy, and Game Gear games. Rich dives into the strange world of Kentucky Route Zero and we discuss episodic gaming, in general. Steve talks about a few soundtracks he’s been listening to; namely, Limbo, Dear Ester, and Fez.

Featuring music from the Hotline Miami soundtrack.

Episode 75 – Death Becomes Us

you died

Death can either mean everything or nothing in a game. It can be the central obstacle to overcome or a minor inconvenience in a grand adventure. Whatever it means, it’s influence on how we approach and play games is undeniable.

We invite Stu Horvath, editor in chief of Unwinnable, to talk about this macabre mechanic. We talk about games that don’t make death a huge ordeal like Fez and the Lego games. How their focus on exploration and chance taking defines their place in games. We then move on to death teaching us the game, rogue-likes, retro games, and the rise of “hardcore” play-throughs.

We survived this episode, you can too!

Featuring music from 8GB’s Amiga Acid mixtape.