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Episode 23 – Perils of Memory

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Have you ever returned to a game fondly remembered from childhood only to bluntly discover it’s not the masterpiece you recall? The dangers of rose-colored glasses, and how they inform our opinion and perception as gamers, are ever-present—particularly in a medium as hooked on nostalgia as video games can be. It’s the reasoning and reaction to our memories that center the discussion this week, on AJBS maiden voyage as a proud new contributor to And who better to christen the journey with than ThePunkEffect’s founder and veteran retro game reviewer, Pat “The NES Punk” Contri?
(Clearly, no one.)

This goes without saying, but our boundless thanks to Pat for letting us become part of the PunkEffect team.

Featuring music from Ralp

Enslaved : Odyssey to the West

Episode 14 – Insanely Twisted Shadow Podcast

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This week we talk with FuelCell Games CEO Joe Olson as well as team designer and programmer Dmitri Salcedo about their artistically-brilliant, Metroidvania-inspired title Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, as well as the work of Michel Gagné, the artist responsible for the game’s unique aesthetic. Joe and Dmitri also give us the story of FuelCell itself, from the studio’s humble origins to the release of ITSP on XBLA’s 2011 Summer of Arcade line-up.

Featuring music from Ondoh

Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets
Metal Slug Anthology
Red Dead Redemption