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Episode 24 – A Picture, A Sound, A Word

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Video games seem to have an aesthetic all their own. The medium demands the creator give up direction of their works to an outside audience; so crafting the visuals, sound, dialog, and story around this constraint has built a unique approach to developing a style all their own. We Skype-in Michael Abbott, better known as The Brainy Gamer, to explore the distinct method and examples of successful constructions of video game aesthetics. We are also inviting Michael back for the next episode to get to the topic we were unable to get to – aspirational understanding of video games that demand more than your passive attention. Be sure to check out Michael’s blog and podcast at

As always, thanks to The Punk Effect’s support.

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I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
Yakuza 4
Bit Trip

Episode 6 – Grow Up, Guys

On this week’s episode, we welcome our special guest¬†Tayo Stalnaker,¬†fellow A Jumps B Shoots contributor and co-host of the Dangerous Kids podcast. On the docket is a discussion of tasteless gaming, from its earliest beginnings on the anything-went Atari 2600 to more modern examples of games that aren’t just in poor taste, but are just poorly-made games in general. This evolves into an examination of whether video games can be an effective medium in portraying mature subject matter, an issue that draws some interestingly devisive lines.

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