Episode 73 – Whatcha Playin’ 04.15.13


It’s a Tomb Raider extravaganza!

Well, except for Rich, who brings a game called SpaceChem to our attention. A slick little puzzle game that seriously challenges our ability to think ahead and split the basic molecules that make up our living world… FOR SCIENCE!

Matt talks about the new Tomb Raider reboot and the serious issues of cognitive dissonance and severely immersion breaking habits of unrealistic scenario vs moments of protagonist doubt and introspection of violence. Aside from that he also argues that it’s a fun game. Just don’t try to take it too seriously.

Steve plays a Tomb Raider of a different stripe, Tomb Raider Anniversary, from the newly released Trilogy. There is plenty to compare between the remake of the original and the reboot that attempts to add drama to the origin story of the iconic Laura Croft.

Featuring tracks from theĀ Noise Channel Radio Compilation.