Episode 12 – Critically Speaking

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Metacritic, Marc Doyle, Nordloef
The topic for AJBS’ eighth episode was simple: discuss game ranking systems, how they relate to the industry, and of course, how Metacritic is tied into both. At the time, AJBS collectively argued against the ratings aggregate site (as did our guest, fellow freelance writer Jeff Matulef), citing various reasons it wasn’t good for the video game industry. For Episode 12, we wanted to present a different side of the story (and gain a new perspective) by speaking with Marc Doyle, games editor and co-founder of Metacritic (Jeff also returns for this episode). There’s also some talk of L.A. Noire.

Missed our conversation from Episode 8? No problem! You can brush up by clicking the link for “A Solid 8 out of 10″ below.

Featuring music by Nordloef