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Episode 67 – Whatcha Playin’ 02.25.13

whatcha0225On this episode we invite Charles Moran of the Unlistenable podcast to talk about what we have been playing as of late.

We also wanted to make the announcement that the Unlistenable podcast and A Jumps B Shoots will be teaming up and sharing each other’s shows on each other’s feeds. We have been fans of Unwinnable’s content for a long time and their podcast is no exception. I hope you will join us in welcoming Unlistenable to the A Jumps B Shoots feed and perhaps visiting Unwinnable to check out some of their top notch content.

Happy Holiday Tidings!

Hey all, we just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for listening. We hope you have a merry christmas and enjoy the holiday season!


Episode 55 – Whatcha Playin’ 11.19.12

Emily Jarrett decides that we aren’t too shabby a podcast and sticks around for a Whatcha Playin’. Emily conjurs up a conversation about completionism when she brings up the game Psychonauts. What is it about the gamer’s brain that drives us to search every corner to complete every single aspect of the game? SPOILER ALERT: We don’t provide answers, we just shout our question to the heavens. She also teaches us about the existance of two very interesting RPG board games – Discworld’s Ankh-Morpork and Fiasco. Rich challenges Steve’s opinion of Dishonored after exploring the detailed ins and outs of the game. Finally, Matt owns up to an Iphone game addiction brought on by Touch Arcade, Jetpack Joyride. Why do they have to put your friend’s scores on the top every time you open the game? He’s only 50 points ahead… I can do this. And so it begins…

Featuring music by Bear and Walrus from the album Lake Poems