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Episode 32 – Smart Media


AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, unwinnable,, Stu Horvath, Fez, Splatters, Kill Screen, The Atlantic, Jonathan Blow
The internet has given us a forum to talk about video games with our peers on a scale that we never thought possible. While most game writing sticks to gameplay or the bottom line over in terms of recommending a game, game journalism is broadening its horizons, with some writers and outlets addressing the medium in previously unheard of ways. This week Unwinnable editor-in-chief Stu Horvath speaks with us about the rise of intelligent video game writing—and how its presence helps connect experiences with our personal lives and bridge the gap for people who don’t understand the medium.

Since we include Unwinnable among the smartest destinations for game writing, we also discuss the philosophy and origins of the site, as well as being internet friends with Phil Fish and Al Lowe and a spoiler-free talk concerning Mass Effect 3‘s ending. Prepare yourselves—adventure is upon us on this episode of the A Jumps B Shoots podcast.

Featuring music by 4mat from the album Decades

Persona 3 FES
The Splatters
Metro 2033
Diabolical Pitch

Our friends and supporters, Old Town Computers, have decided to use their space on our show to bring attention to Friends of BT, a small donation page for Brian Teirney. Read his story about his assault, shooting, and consider donating to support his family while he is in the hospital.

Episode 31 – Indie Game: The Podcast

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Indie Game: The Movie, IGTM, Jim Guthrie, James Swirsky, Lisanne Pajot, SNES Controller
Indie Game: The Movie
follows three independent game developers on their journey to complete the seemingly insurmountable task of completing a video game without the aid of a giant studio. Featuring Jonathan Blow (Braid), Phil Fish (Fez), and Team Meat (Super Meat Boy‘s Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes), the film examines the lives and thoughts of these creators throughout each game’s development cycle, all the way to the finish line of public release and critical scrutiny.

Matt caught up with the film’s directors, James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot at the Hollywood Theater following Indie Game’s screening in Portland, OR. They explained how the movie was made, the misconceptions of being a game tester, and the true story behind the question “Why the SNES controller?”.

Finally, thanks to Old Town Computers and Gadget Fix in Portland, OR for all their support.

Episode 30 – Gaming, Developing, Conferencing

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, GDC, Game Developers Conference 2012, Knife City
Our co-host 
Steve Haske just got back from the 2012 Game Developers Conference, and to celebrate his first foray into the “summer-camp” for industry types and developers, we welcome our friend and fellow game journalist Jeffrey Matulef back to the show to talk about all the goings on at the conference. Among the discussion topics are some of the games that were observed, the kind of community GDC fosters (not to mention hugs between industry friends), the highs and lows of the event’s social elements.

We also talk a bit about the new “digitally enabled folk game” Johann Sebastian Joust, which utilizes Sony’s Move controllers (in an unauthorized fashion), Bach’s “Brandenburg Concertos”, and a group of people to form one of the most fascinatingly unorthodox instances of multiplayer gaming this year. You’ll be intrigued.

Featuring music from Knife City‘s self-titled EP

Mass Effect 3
Yakuza: Dead Souls
Binary Domain

Finally, we wanted to make a special thank you to Old Town Computers in Portland, OR. Thanks guys.

Episode 29 – Kickstart My Doc

Double Fine Adventure, AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, 2PP, 2 Player Productions, Double Fine, Tim Schafer, crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Lifeformed, Dustforce
Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter

Kickstarter has ushered in a new method of funding projects. Now, group of people can band together and fund a project into existence, while getting thank you gifts in return. Some people have called it a revolution in funding games, movies, music, and all manner of other things. Others have called it merely an option to capitalise on the viral power of the internet.

Whatever you may think about it, 2 Player Productions have certainly made the most of it with 2 wildly successful Kickstater projects. Their latest endeavor teams them up with Double Fine Productions to make a documentary about the creation of a unique IP video game, front to back. Its an exciting idea and something that has never happened before.

We talk with Paul Levering, Paul Owens, and Asif Saddiky about their upcoming Minecraft documentary, the Double Fine project, their in depth however lesser talked of coverage of the Jak and Daxter HD remake, and their opinions on bringing people together to independently fund projects.

Matt – On a personal note and for full disclosure, it is true that these guys are friends of ours and I have donated to all of their projects. However, 2 Player Productions have more than proven themselves as talented film makers and harbingers of a new age of game media. I urge my audience to donate to their project for no other reason than, to paraphrase Paul Levering, due to the amount of money this project has earned you could be preordering a 30 or 40 dollar game for 15 bucks.

Music from Lifeformed‘s Dustforce OST.

Mass Effect
Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door
Ico/Shadow of the Colossus
Brutal Legend
Escape Plan
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Cave Story
Alien Soldier

This may be redundant on the Punk Effect, but we also mention one of our favorite retro game review series, 16 Bit Gems. You can find it on the The Clan of the Grey Wolf or The Punk Effect.

Episode 28 – This was the Moment

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Conrad Zimmerman, Destructoid, I Fight Dragons, Metal Gear Solid, Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy VI
We all encounter fleeting moments we wish could stick with us indefinitely while playing certain games—moments we want to define why we play. This week we’re joined by Conrad Zimmerman, news editor of Destructoid, as we dig in to the proverbial treasure troves of memories in search of such defining moments that showed us how games could tell a story or surpass personal expectations.

This week we would also like our listening audience to contact us with their own defining gaming moments; we will share our favorites on the next episode.

Finally in my stead of losing my voice, my wife Jacki offers her services to record the intro, outro, and unbeknownst to her, the post-roll. – Matt

Music from I Fight Dragons

The Darkness
House of the Dead: Overkill
Ticket to Ride
Culdcept Saga

Episode 27 – Shut Up and Take My Money

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, GameCritics,, Brad Gallaway, Sylcmyk
The debate over buying new games versus used has an active conversation between consumers, publishers and developers for years. Yet the evidence that it’s a one-sided argument—and one that consumers don’t necessarily have a fair say in—only seems to be growing. We’re joined this week by Brad Gallaway, senior editor and founder of Drinking Coffee Cola, to explore this multifaceted issue from the nature of retail systems and DLC to the concept of ownership.

Music from Sylcmyk

Aliens: Infestation
Aban Hawkins &  the 1000 Spikes
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Episode 26 – Did You Catch That?

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Michael Abbott, Brainy Gamer,, Souleye
Some stories are puzzles that require time and patience. Bits of narrative may be hinted at, but not brought to the forefront. In these cases it’s our job to piece together the hidden meaning—one that requires a special type of aspirational understanding.

On this episode we invite Michael Abbott back from his podcast and blog duties at The Brainy Gamer to help us understand the purpose of aspirational reading in video games, and how it affects how we view the medium. What kind of experiences can we create through the ludo-narrative, as told by gameplay rather than what’s written? What ownership do we take of our gaming avatars, and what does that roleplaying mean? From Red Dead Redemption to Suda 51’s auteurship, the conversation results in several interesting points (and moves to some unexpected places).

A special thanks again goes out to Michael Abbott for all he does to continue a deeper conversation about video games and our perceptions of them.

Featuring music from the VVVVVV OST by Souleye

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Kinect Disneyland Adventures
Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo
Cave Story 3D
Out of the Park Baseball
Stratomatic Online
Chrono Trigger

Bastion OST
Osmos OST

Episode 25 – Our Favorites from Year V2.11

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, 2011, Best of 2011, Bastion, Darren Korb
It’s the beginning of 2012. To mark the occasion (as well as the airing of our 25th episode) we recorded a three-segment discussion of games we loved, more games we loved and our biggest disappointments of last year (with special thanks to this post, as well as Cynthia Griffiths for the photography). Now we’re telling you to go out of your way to play these games. Seriously, they’re all great. Except for the ones that aren’t.

Featuring music from the Bastion OST by Darren Korb

Games we loved:

Dark Souls
El Shaddai
Portal 2

More games we loved:

Shadows of the Damned
Uncharted 3

Our biggest disappointments:

LA Noir

Episode 24 – A Picture, A Sound, A Word

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Michael Abbott, Brainy Gamer,, saskrotch
Video games seem to have an aesthetic all their own. The medium demands the creator give up direction of their works to an outside audience; so crafting the visuals, sound, dialog, and story around this constraint has built a unique approach to developing a style all their own. We Skype-in Michael Abbott, better known as The Brainy Gamer, to explore the distinct method and examples of successful constructions of video game aesthetics. We are also inviting Michael back for the next episode to get to the topic we were unable to get to – aspirational understanding of video games that demand more than your passive attention. Be sure to check out Michael’s blog and podcast at

As always, thanks to The Punk Effect’s support.

Featuring music from Saskrotch

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
Yakuza 4
Bit Trip

Episode 23 – Perils of Memory

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Pat the NES Punk, Pat Contri, The Punk Effect, Ralp

Have you ever returned to a game fondly remembered from childhood only to bluntly discover it’s not the masterpiece you recall? The dangers of rose-colored glasses, and how they inform our opinion and perception as gamers, are ever-present—particularly in a medium as hooked on nostalgia as video games can be. It’s the reasoning and reaction to our memories that center the discussion this week, on AJBS maiden voyage as a proud new contributor to And who better to christen the journey with than ThePunkEffect’s founder and veteran retro game reviewer, Pat “The NES Punk” Contri?
(Clearly, no one.)

This goes without saying, but our boundless thanks to Pat for letting us become part of the PunkEffect team.

Featuring music from Ralp

Enslaved : Odyssey to the West

Episode 22 – PIG Squad’s Indie Game Adventure

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, PIGSquad, Portland Indie Game Squad, Chipocrite, Mechlo
In this episode we talk with Will Lewis and John Henrich, founders of the Portland Indie Game Squad, about the creation of their developer collective as well as the philosophy of what does—or does not—make a game “indie”. Whether an indie descriptor defines an actual genre, what constitutes an independent developer and the standard fifteen dollar price point are among discussion topics. (Skeletor also makes an appearance.) So, are AJBS snobs for only playing indie games? Well, maybe.

Featuring music from Chipocrite and Mechlo and the Bad Bits recorded at Micropalooza 2011

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Micropalooza album, available soon!

Game Dev Story
Binding of Isaac
Adult Swim Games
Gemini Rue

Episode 21 – Sega Scream

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Dangerous Kids, freezedream
Retro revivals are ground that must be carefully tread on. What approach can a company take when trying to make a beloved franchise relevant again while not upsetting its already-established fanbase? With the dual 2D-vs-3D gameplay styles of the 20th Anniversary tribute Sonic Generations, Sega finds themselves at an interesting crossroads—and it’s unclear what implications the latest series entry may have on the series. Jeff “Switch” Sorensen from the Dangerous Kids podcast joins us for a discussion of Sonic’s legacy, how the series is an allegory for Sega itself and how past failures have shaped the development of what we can only hope will be worthwhile future developments. Happy birthday, Sonic!

Also, a quick PSA for our Portland listeners: AJBS is co-sponsoring Micropalooza, a full day chip music festival in cooperation with Ground Kontrol and the Jupiter Hotel, on Sunday, November 20th. Details can be found on our Micropalooza blog here.

Featuring music from Freezedream

Episode 20 – Kicking Your Friends In the Face

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Best Bout Gaming, Wizwars
We here at the podcast carry on while Steve is enjoying his break in Australia. Things turn violent (not really) when we talk with Ethan Husted and Angel de la Paz of Portland’s game tourney organization Best Bout. We explore all that goes into competitive gaming, the benefits of couch gaming, how to effectively troll in Bomberman Ultra, and Angel mentions League of Legends like 50 times. Things get surprisingly friendly for a conversation about beating the hell out of people sitting next to you on the couch. Also, plenty of love for Atlus and all of the long, hard, brilliant gaming they bestow upon us. FIGHT!

Featuring music from Wizwars

Episode 19 – How to Buy a Halo with Ed Fries

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Ed Fries, Halo 2600, Microsoft, Robot Science
Halo 2600
may just sound like the fan project you’d never see, but thanks to Ed Fries—current head of 3D imaging modeler Figure Prints and former VP of Microsoft Studios who can include an instrument role launching the original Xbox, creating Xbox Live and bringing Bungie on board as a first-party developer in his legacy—playing as an aesthetically anachronistic Master Chief is now possible. We had a chance to talk with him about his globe-trotting experiences during Xbox’s formative years, as well as Halo 2600 and his philosophy on game design, from an interview at the 2011 Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

Featuring music from Robot Science

Episode 18 – Portland Retro Gaming Expo ’11

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Portland Retro Gaming Expo, Robot Science
We shopped, we played, we talked—another year and another successful Portland Retro Gaming Expo has passed. For our coverage from PRGE 2011, we talk with expo head Chuck Van Pelt about the challenges of organizing a retro gaming convention; game collecting legend John Hancock gives us some insight into effectively collecting video games from all eras, and Pink Gorilla‘s Gabe Hayward talks game retail and his experiences managing a game store in Seattle. Pat “the NES Punk” Contri also joins us to muse about the good and the bad that came out of the NES era (as well as his web series). Finally, we wrap up our expo coverage with Art Santana, friend of the podcast and manager of Portland’s premier arcade, Ground Kontrol . Go ahead, ask us what we bought.

Featuring music from Robot Science

Shout Outs:

The Wooden Arcade
8bit Craft
I Play Winner

Episode 17 – Cultured Conversation

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Cultured magazine, Michael Brown, Covox
Michael Brown, freelance writer and creator of Cultured magazine, sits down with us over Skype to reflect on his experiences working in print media as well as the changing face of physical and digital formats in video game journalism. The Mad Marquis De Maltease of Portland’s own Critical Hit Burlesque also stops by to talk about his upcoming game-themed burlesque show, Geeklesque: Powers Up!, held in conjunction with the upcoming Portland Retro Gaming Expo. And then there’s some talk of the xenophobic undercurrents in a seemingly unassuming Hello Kitty game.

Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

Featuring music from Covox

Episode 16 – PAX 2011: The Wrap-up

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Penny Arcade Expo 2011, PAX 2011, 2 Player Productions, Bit.Shifter
Photo courtesy of Cynthia Griffiths

Matt and Steve are joined by 2 Player Productions‘ Paul Owens to recount their overall impressions and experiences with 2011’s Penny Arcade Expo. Among the topics discussed are Grasshopper Manufacture‘s new games, the indie-centric PAX 10, Nintendo’s first-party 3DS offerings (as well as the joy of Mii Plaza conversations) and 2PP’s time taking footage of Minecraft’s Mojang for their upcoming documentary.

Spy Party
Retro City Rampage
The Splatters
Word Fighter
Sine Mora
Black Knight Sword
Lollipop Chainsaw

Featuring music from Bit.Shifter

PAX 2011 Special – Day 3

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Phil Fish, Alexander Bruce, Fez, Antichamber, Monaco, Jamestown, sylcmyk

Day 3: AJBS wraps up PAX 2011 with Matt talking to the creators of  Fez, Antichamber, Solar 2, Monaco and Jamestown.

Featuring music from sylcmyk

PAX 2011 Special – Day 2

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Spy Party, PAX 2011, The Splatters, Retro City Rampage, Bit Shifter
Spy Party

Day 2: A Jumps B Shoots’ PAX 2011 coverage continues with more indie dev interviews as Matt talks to the creators of Word Fighter, The Splatters, Spy Party and Retro City Rampage.

Featuring Bit Shifter’s Strange Comfort from Bit.Trip Flux (Gaijin Games).

PAX 2011 Special – Day 1

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Penny Arcade Expo 2011, PAX 2011
A Jumps B Shoots is on-hand at 2011’s Penny Arcade Expo, talking with the creators of some of the most interesting indie games at the show. Take a listen!

Day 1: Matt speaks to the developers of Spelunky, Snapshot, A Flipping Good Time and Atom Zombie Smasher. Also, stick around after the credits for some great post-roll from an unrecorded panel of 1Up’s Retronauts PAX podcast.

Featuring music from Spelunky, Mega Man 2, Duck Tales, and Wild Arms

Episode 15 – Game On!

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Game On, Barry Hitchings
This week we sit down with Barry Hitchings, exhibition consultant for Game On, the Barbican Art Centre’s globally touring show on the history and culture of video games. On tour since the show’s inception in 2002, Barry talks both about his experiences working and traveling with Game On and Game On 2.0, as well as providing us some lesser known facts and anecdotes about various consoles and the gaming industry. The dueling sorrows of Demon’s Souls and Pokémon White are also lamented, while Matt talks about the virtues of the Humble Bundle and Rich compares El Shaddai to Xanadu.

In keeping with the history lesson theme, music from this week’s episode comes from some our favorite game soundtrack composers—Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger), Yoko Shimomura (Parasite Eve) and Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill 2).



Episode 14 – Insanely Twisted Shadow Podcast

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, XBLA, Xbox Live Arcade, Fuelcell Games, Ondoh
This week we talk with FuelCell Games CEO Joe Olson as well as team designer and programmer Dmitri Salcedo about their artistically-brilliant, Metroidvania-inspired title Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, as well as the work of Michel Gagné, the artist responsible for the game’s unique aesthetic. Joe and Dmitri also give us the story of FuelCell itself, from the studio’s humble origins to the release of ITSP on XBLA’s 2011 Summer of Arcade line-up.

Featuring music from Ondoh

Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets
Metal Slug Anthology
Red Dead Redemption

Episode 13 – You Call This A Script?

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Tom Bissell, Extra Lives, Sievert
Extra Lives
author and accomplished journalist Tom Bissell joins us to talk about his experiences in writing for video games, the current state of narrative in the medium and what can be done about about the inherent problems with storytelling in the industry. Tom also talks about penning a design philosophy-centric book for Gear of War 3‘s Epic Edition that examines the series’ legacy, and we have an in-depth discussion about the quirks of Japanese game design.

Featuring music from Sievert‘s album Beyond the Frontier

Deadly Premonition
Shadows of the Damned
Far Cry 2

Episode 12 – Critically Speaking

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Metacritic, Marc Doyle, Nordloef
The topic for AJBS’ eighth episode was simple: discuss game ranking systems, how they relate to the industry, and of course, how Metacritic is tied into both. At the time, AJBS collectively argued against the ratings aggregate site (as did our guest, fellow freelance writer Jeff Matulef), citing various reasons it wasn’t good for the video game industry. For Episode 12, we wanted to present a different side of the story (and gain a new perspective) by speaking with Marc Doyle, games editor and co-founder of Metacritic (Jeff also returns for this episode). There’s also some talk of L.A. Noire.

Missed our conversation from Episode 8? No problem! You can brush up by clicking the link for “A Solid 8 out of 10″ below.

Featuring music by Nordloef

Episode 11 – A Puzzling Conversation with Graham Annable

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Graham Annable, Grickle, Telltale Games, Puzzle Agent 2, Note!
We sit down with animator Graham Annable, creator of Telltale Games’ Puzzle Agent and Puzzle Agent 2, to talk about his experiences working as an animator with LucasArts, his time at Telltale, and his twisted indie comic universe, Grickle. Morbid senses of humor are encouraged! Featuring music from Note!

Episode 10 (New York, part 3) – Arcade: the Movie

AJBS, A Jumps B Shoots, Kurt Vincent, Arcade: The Last Night At Chinatown Fair
photo by Anthony Cali

The final part of our New York series,we are joined by documentary filmmaker Kurt Vincent to discuss his upcoming movie, Arcade: The Last Night at Chinatown Fair. In addition to challenges Kurt has faced, his inspirations and how ideas about gaming culture can benefit from a perspective from just outside the hardcore culture, we also trade classic games and ruminate on how indie development is taking classic design and making it new.

I also want to thank everyone in NYC for being so gracious and showing AJBS amazing hospitality while letting us experience the city. We will be back next year.

Episode 10 (New York, part 2) – Local No.12

Local No. 12

Colleen Macklin and Eric Zimmerman of the game development collective Local No.12 join us for part two of our New York series, discussing the present and future of their organization, dishing on personal projects and the creation of AJBS favorite the Metagame, as well as various ways to play you can play it.

The music featured in this episode are performances recorded live from Blip Festival 2011 by 10,000 Free Men and their Families, Chipzel, and Exilefaker.

Recordings taken from the Chipmusic Chronicle.

Episode 10 (New York, part 1) – Blip Festival 2011


AJBS’ trip to NYC resulted in several fantastic interviews both inside and outside the chip music community. In part one of our New York series, we sit down with Blip Festival 2011 organizers Mike Rosenthal, Jeremiah “Nullsleep” Johnson, Josh “Bitshifter” Davis and Anamanaguchi frontman Peter Berkman to discuss, among other things, Blip Festival 2011, the non-profit venue The Tank, seminal chip label 8bitpeoples, and the state of chip music in America, and what its future may hold. Anthony Carboni of indie game news show Bytejacker fame also stops by to record what we imagine to be an award-winning bit of post-roll.

The music featured in this episode are performances recorded live from Blip Festival 2011 by 4mat, Bitshifter, Nullsleep, and Anamanaguchi.

Recordings taken from the Chipmusic Chronicle.

Special Episode from PDX’s Wonder Northwest convention

Last weekend, A Jumps B Shoots attended the Wonder NW convention with podcasting gear in tow. We set up a booth with stickers, pins, flyers, handbills, and a microphone for anyone to sit down and talk with us about what they had been playing recently or their favorite video games.

We kept the recording setup out for both of the festival; the response was overwhelming. Everyone wanted to share with us their stories, opinions, musings, and current news on video games. We honestly couldn’t have been happier with the turnout.

Then the day for editing came about—suddenly there were 5+ hours of random convention-goers talking to us about gaming culture to be cut down. We want to extend our sincere apologies to you, if your conversation didn’t make the final cut of the episode, or if it was cut short. It was the toughest audio editing session yet, because we wanted to keep it all. You all offered a great perspective and conversation about the games you love. We hope our final cut did the convention justice, it was a great time.

Music provided by the pirates of PDXYAR singing in the background. Thanks guys.

Episode 9 – Hop and Bop

This week, we discuss 2D platformers and their place in the modern video game development culture. Then we dive in to the issues surrounding Sony, the PSN hacking incident and the compromise of user information, leading to a discussion about how secure information isn’t really all that secure.

Featuring music from Kris Keyser

Arcade: the Last Night at Chinatown Fair



Beyond Good & Evil

Episode 8 – A Solid 8 out of 10

On this epsiode, we invite game journalist and friend of the podcast Jeff Matulef for an in-depth discussion on scoring systems in the game journalism community, as well as whether or not Metacritic is a good thing for the industry. We also talk about chip music, Sword & Sworcery and Portal 2.

Featuring music from Alex Mauer

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Portal 2


AJBS Special: Live from Stumptown Comics Fest 2011

We record live from podcast alley at Portland’s Stumptown Comics Fest 2011, inviting whoever we want to sit down and talk video games with us. There’s also a little bit of talk about Valve and Portal 2, Atlus and a few other things.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Episode 7 – Burn Your Computer

For episode seven, we welcome special guest Tyler Bradford, board member Portland Geek Council for Culture and Commerce (PGC3) and owner of Portland-based Old Town Computers, joins us to talk about what he knows best: the personal computer. Is PC gaming dead? Or alive and kicking ass? Tyler helps us examine the state of the PC market, also taking a few minutes to talk about the PGC3—what it is, what they’re doing in Portland, and how to possibly start a similar organization if you’re not local to PDX metro. We wrap it up with some discussion about gaming with kids.

Featuring music from Chipocrite

Das Racist – Who’s that Brown

Sierra On-Line

Desktop Dungeons

Everyday the Same Dream

Episode 6.5 – The Metagame

Welcome to our first .5 episode! For this special occasion, the wonderful folks over at Local No.12 have bestowed on us an advance copy of The Metagame—basically a card game that a think take of gaming folks dreamed up that works as a competitive debate to spur intellectual discussion about video games. (The video on their Kickstarter for their project explains it pretty well.) We were so excited about it we decided to publish a podcast outside of our normal schedule and get the good word out to support both Local No.12 as well as their great, original game. Special guest and friend of AJBS Jeff “Switch” Sorensen from the Dangerous Kids podcast joins us.

Please comment on who you think won these rounds:

Round 1:
Which game is a better way to spend 10 years?
Switch: Angry Birds
Matt: World of Warcraft

Round 2:
Which game requires more finesse?
Steve: Any Kinect game
Switch: VVVVVV

After you’ve left a comment, don’t forget to check out Local No.12’s Kickstarter and support their game. They have already reached their goal, but the more funding they get, the better the game, the more copies made, and the longer it can be offered. Thanks!

UPDATE: The Kickstarter has ended. Local No.12 has raised more than double their goal! Thanks to everyone who supported this awesome game. We will be having quasi-regular games of Metagame with various guests on the show, so look forward to those.

Episode 6 – Grow Up, Guys

On this week’s episode, we welcome our special guest Tayo Stalnaker, fellow A Jumps B Shoots contributor and co-host of the Dangerous Kids podcast. On the docket is a discussion of tasteless gaming, from its earliest beginnings on the anything-went Atari 2600 to more modern examples of games that aren’t just in poor taste, but are just poorly-made games in general. This evolves into an examination of whether video games can be an effective medium in portraying mature subject matter, an issue that draws some interestingly devisive lines.

Featuring music from Featuring music from Ovenrake

Bit.Trip series



Episode 5 – Insert Credit

On this episode we are joined by Art Santana, the manager Portland’s premier classic arcade Ground Kontrol. On the docket are the former and current state of the American arcade, pinball in all its glory, some of our favorite cabinets, and some fond memories of times past; Art also lets us in on some secrets on how he helps to keep Ground Kontrol relevant in this post-coin-op age.

Featuring music from Comptroller

Episode 4 – 2PP vs. AJBS: FIGHT!

For this episode, Matt takes a trip to the headquarters of up-and-coming indie documentarians 2 Player Productions, talking with company heads Paul Owens, Asif Siddiky and Paul Levering about the various game-related projects they’ve been busying themselves with. Discussion includes 2PP’s ongoing behind-the-scenes coverage on Uncharted 3 and Minecraft, as well as the original InFamous, its sequel and finally the company’s critically-acclaimed chiptune documentary Reformat the Planet. Other games and arguments for championing local multiplayer are also thrown into the mix, as views on how games are covered in the media and marketing. Co-hosts Steve Haske and Rich Lau will return next
Also, if you care about legitimate coverage of video games (something AJBS feels strongly about), please don’t forget support 2 Player Production’s full-length documentary about Minecraft and its developer Mojang Specifications by donating to their Kickstarter fund here.

Featuring music from The ShortsleevesGreenleafGo Motion

Dead Island

Reformat the Planet



Blast Corps

Episode 3 – House of A Thousand Tangents

On this episode, an awry Whatcha Playin’ segment breaks from its holding cell and takes over the whole podcast. This leads to an exploration on why Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are modern classics, followed by an in-depth discussion (and review) of Dead Space 2, at which point the conversation splinters off into ruminations on the state of the survival horror genre in general. We close the episode with our on-going wishlist picks for overlooked  games that deserve releases on Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation Network.

Featuring music from D & D Sluggers


Pocky & Rocky

Episode 2 – Nerds We Long to Be

On this episode, our special guest Switch from the Dangerous Kids podcast joins the fray. We talk about how 2 Player Production’s coverage of Uncharted 3 is a breath of fresh air from the “Mountain Dew-swilling bro” culture the game industry usually associated with, followed by a discussion of Indie Game: the Movie and the importance of a strong indie presence in the industry. Topping it all off is an impromptu debate over the state of nerd culture in America, which brings up varying interpretations of what it means to be a nerd.

Featuring music from Plain Flavored

Pac-Man 2



Humble Indie Bundle

Episode 1 – Debut Episode!! (part 1 of 1)

On the debut episode of A Jumps B Shoots, co-hosts Matt Hunter, Rich Lau and Steve Haske welcome Adam Boyce (a gaming enthusiast friend of Steve’s from South Carolina) to talk about some of their favorite games. In ‘Whatcha Playin’?’, we discuss how strange is is that the most recent 3D Castlevania, Lords of Shadow, is better than the recent 2D Castlevania (XBLA’s Harmony of Despair);  An examination of controllerless gaming and the ways it’s tearing down the barriers between gamers and would-be non-gamers follows, as well as reviews of the Sega Genesis’ Castlevania: Bloodlines, Legendary Axe for the Turbo Grafix and PS3’s Gran Turismo 5.

Featuring the music of Nick Maynard

Rival Turf

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Legendary Axe

Gran Turismo 5