About Us

Matt Hunter – host, director, editor:
matt (at) ajumpsbshoots (dot) comSteve Haske – co-host, online editor:
steve (at) ajumpsbshoots (dot) com

Rich Lau – co-host
rich (at) ajumpsbshoots (dot) com

A Jumps B Shoots is a video game podcast located in Portland, OR. Myself, my co-hosts Rich Lau and Steve Haske invite our video game enthusiast friends and professionals in the industry to talk about the various parts of video game culture. (We occasionally blog, too.)

Be they journalists, fellow podcasters, developers, retailers, documentarians, musicians or lifelong gamers, everyone has something to say; debate, discussion and musings about the current (and former) state of video gaming and video game culture is the name of the game here. I hope this podcast can assist others in understanding gaming while entertaining and enlightening. It is my personal belief that interactive entertainment is going to lead the charge into the future of technology, and as such an understanding of gaming’s cultural roots is vital to truly appreciate where we are going.

In every episode I also try to feature chip music from artists that are excited to share their music.  As a member of the current chiptune scene in Portland, I know first hand that enthusiastic outlets for this style of music are becoming more prevalent, but are still few and far between. I want A Jumps B Shoots to feature new or underappreciated artists so that they can gain the attention they deserve.

This podcast has been a dream of mine since 2007, and now I finally have the means and time to make it a reality—all podcasts are recorded in my apartment with my own equipment. If you want to be a guest on a future podcast, please send me an email telling me a bit about yourself and what you want to contribute. Thanks for listening.

– Matt Hunter

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