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Spoilerific Ep 1 – Bioshock Infinite

bioshock infinite

Spoilerific will be a monthly show released on the last Wednesday of the month where Matt invites a guest to talk about what they loved, hated, admired, and to generally dig deeper into our favorite games. This episode I talk with A Jumps B Shoot’s Social Media Manager, Jarrett Civelli, about tears, happiness, sadness, longing, and obscenely beautiful sceneries as we spoil the shit out of Bioshock Infinite. Play the game first, we implore you.

Episode 73 – Whatcha Playin’ 04.15.13


It’s a Tomb Raider extravaganza!

Well, except for Rich, who brings a game called SpaceChem to our attention. A slick little puzzle game that seriously challenges our ability to think ahead and split the basic molecules that make up our living world… FOR SCIENCE!

Matt talks about the new Tomb Raider reboot and the serious issues of cognitive dissonance and severely immersion breaking habits of unrealistic scenario vs moments of protagonist doubt and introspection of violence. Aside from that he also argues that it’s a fun game. Just don’t try to take it too seriously.

Steve plays a Tomb Raider of a different stripe, Tomb Raider Anniversary, from the newly released Trilogy. There is plenty to compare between the remake of the original and the reboot that attempts to add drama to the origin story of the iconic Laura Croft.

Featuring tracks from the Noise Channel Radio Compilation.

Episode 72 – 16-Bit World


Our buddy Roo, host of 16-bit Gems and Way Games Work, joins us to explore a 16-bit universe. The 16-bit aesthetic has persisted well past it’s console era. The style has shown up in countless console games, the music is still ringing through tv speakers, and remakes of Super Nintendo era games are still big sellers. Why is this? What makes this style so acclimated to game development and does it still have a place in current game development?

This conversation morphs into a comparison between 16-bit RPG’s, early PS1 era RPG’s, and western developed RPG’s. Was there a heyday of RPG gaming or did each era bring their own unique flavor to the genre? How has Final Fantasy faired over the years and do the 16-bit versions overshadow the later and technically more impressive versions?

Featuring tracks from 4Mat.

Episode 71 – An April Fool’s Whatcha Playin’


Well, this is our final episode. Thank you guys so much for everything! It’s been a great run!

Rich explores the couch-bound multiplayer joys of the console American RPG scene with Bauldar’s Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norath. Experiences that Rich compares to a local multiplayer Torchlight. Steve saves his GDC thoughts for next week but brings a new iOS puzzle game into the mix, Rotolla. An intense game that can be compared to Super Hexagon meets Tetris in 3D. Finally, Matt tells the story of a little monster that could with Incredipede and his thoughts after finishing Bioshock Infinite.

Featuring tracks from Radlib

As a side note, we would like to thank everyone who’s donated to the show. You’ve made the continuation of this show possible. Thank you.