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Episode 10 (New York, part 1) – Blip Festival 2011


AJBS’ trip to NYC resulted in several fantastic interviews both inside and outside the chip music community. In part one of our New York series, we sit down with Blip Festival 2011 organizers Mike Rosenthal, Jeremiah “Nullsleep” Johnson, Josh “Bitshifter” Davis and Anamanaguchi frontman Peter Berkman to discuss, among other things, Blip Festival 2011, the non-profit venue The Tank, seminal chip label 8bitpeoples, and the state of chip music in America, and what its future may hold. Anthony Carboni of indie game news show Bytejacker fame also stops by to record what we imagine to be an award-winning bit of post-roll.

The music featured in this episode are performances recorded live from Blip Festival 2011 by 4mat, Bitshifter, Nullsleep, and Anamanaguchi.

Recordings taken from the Chipmusic Chronicle.

Special Episode from PDX’s Wonder Northwest convention

Last weekend, A Jumps B Shoots attended the Wonder NW convention with podcasting gear in tow. We set up a booth with stickers, pins, flyers, handbills, and a microphone for anyone to sit down and talk with us about what they had been playing recently or their favorite video games.

We kept the recording setup out for both of the festival; the response was overwhelming. Everyone wanted to share with us their stories, opinions, musings, and current news on video games. We honestly couldn’t have been happier with the turnout.

Then the day for editing came about—suddenly there were 5+ hours of random convention-goers talking to us about gaming culture to be cut down. We want to extend our sincere apologies to you, if your conversation didn’t make the final cut of the episode, or if it was cut short. It was the toughest audio editing session yet, because we wanted to keep it all. You all offered a great perspective and conversation about the games you love. We hope our final cut did the convention justice, it was a great time.

Music provided by the pirates of PDXYAR singing in the background. Thanks guys.

Hello, New York! #blipfest2011

Greetings, listeners!

We are currently in New York City covering Blipfest 2011 as well as a few other surprises. Our WonderNW episode from last weekend will be up shortly, and check back soon for lots of NY coverage upon our return next week. Until then, keep playing games!


This Weekend in PDX: Wonder Northwest

Just a quick reminder for anyone local to PDX—AJBS will be recording a live show at WonderNW on Sunday, May 15 at the Crowne Plaza (1441 NE 2nd Avenue) in Portland, OR. We encourage everyone to come say hi and jump on the podcast to tell us what you’ve been playing!

Also, A Jumps B Shoots will be debuting our merch at the show, so if you want to be the envy of all your friends, this is the only place to get it. See you there!

Episode 9 – Hop and Bop

This week, we discuss 2D platformers and their place in the modern video game development culture. Then we dive in to the issues surrounding Sony, the PSN hacking incident and the compromise of user information, leading to a discussion about how secure information isn’t really all that secure.

Featuring music from Kris Keyser

Arcade: the Last Night at Chinatown Fair



Beyond Good & Evil