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Episode 8 – A Solid 8 out of 10

On this epsiode, we invite game journalist and friend of the podcast Jeff Matulef for an in-depth discussion on scoring systems in the game journalism community, as well as whether or not Metacritic is a good thing for the industry. We also talk about chip music, Sword & Sworcery and Portal 2.

Featuring music from Alex Mauer

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Portal 2


AJBS Special: Live from Stumptown Comics Fest 2011

We record live from podcast alley at Portland’s Stumptown Comics Fest 2011, inviting whoever we want to sit down and talk video games with us. There’s also a little bit of talk about Valve and Portal 2, Atlus and a few other things.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Episode 7 – Burn Your Computer

For episode seven, we welcome special guest Tyler Bradford, board member Portland Geek Council for Culture and Commerce (PGC3) and owner of Portland-based Old Town Computers, joins us to talk about what he knows best: the personal computer. Is PC gaming dead? Or alive and kicking ass? Tyler helps us examine the state of the PC market, also taking a few minutes to talk about the PGC3—what it is, what they’re doing in Portland, and how to possibly start a similar organization if you’re not local to PDX metro. We wrap it up with some discussion about gaming with kids.

Featuring music from Chipocrite

Das Racist – Who’s that Brown

Sierra On-Line

Desktop Dungeons

Everyday the Same Dream

Episode 6.5 – The Metagame

Welcome to our first .5 episode! For this special occasion, the wonderful folks over at Local No.12 have bestowed on us an advance copy of The Metagame—basically a card game that a think take of gaming folks dreamed up that works as a competitive debate to spur intellectual discussion about video games. (The video on their Kickstarter for their project explains it pretty well.) We were so excited about it we decided to publish a podcast outside of our normal schedule and get the good word out to support both Local No.12 as well as their great, original game. Special guest and friend of AJBS Jeff “Switch” Sorensen from the Dangerous Kids podcast joins us.

Please comment on who you think won these rounds:

Round 1:
Which game is a better way to spend 10 years?
Switch: Angry Birds
Matt: World of Warcraft

Round 2:
Which game requires more finesse?
Steve: Any Kinect game
Switch: VVVVVV

After you’ve left a comment, don’t forget to check out Local No.12’s Kickstarter and support their game. They have already reached their goal, but the more funding they get, the better the game, the more copies made, and the longer it can be offered. Thanks!

UPDATE: The Kickstarter has ended. Local No.12 has raised more than double their goal! Thanks to everyone who supported this awesome game. We will be having quasi-regular games of Metagame with various guests on the show, so look forward to those.