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Episode 6 – Grow Up, Guys

On this week’s episode, we welcome our special guest Tayo Stalnaker, fellow A Jumps B Shoots contributor and co-host of the Dangerous Kids podcast. On the docket is a discussion of tasteless gaming, from its earliest beginnings on the anything-went Atari 2600 to more modern examples of games that aren’t just in poor taste, but are just poorly-made games in general. This evolves into an examination of whether video games can be an effective medium in portraying mature subject matter, an issue that draws some interestingly devisive lines.

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Episode 5 – Insert Credit

On this episode we are joined by Art Santana, the manager Portland’s premier classic arcade Ground Kontrol. On the docket are the former and current state of the American arcade, pinball in all its glory, some of our favorite cabinets, and some fond memories of times past; Art also lets us in on some secrets on how he helps to keep Ground Kontrol relevant in this post-coin-op age.

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