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Episode 4 – 2PP vs. AJBS: FIGHT!

For this episode, Matt takes a trip to the headquarters of up-and-coming indie documentarians 2 Player Productions, talking with company heads Paul Owens, Asif Siddiky and Paul Levering about the various game-related projects they’ve been busying themselves with. Discussion includes 2PP’s ongoing behind-the-scenes coverage on Uncharted 3 and Minecraft, as well as the original InFamous, its sequel and finally the company’s critically-acclaimed chiptune documentary Reformat the Planet. Other games and arguments for championing local multiplayer are also thrown into the mix, as views on how games are covered in the media and marketing. Co-hosts Steve Haske and Rich Lau will return next
Also, if you care about legitimate coverage of video games (something AJBS feels strongly about), please don’t forget support 2 Player Production’s full-length documentary about Minecraft and its developer Mojang Specifications by donating to their Kickstarter fund here.

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Reformat the Planet



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Beat ‘Em Ups and Rival Turf!: A Love Story

Beat ‘em ups. These games were the bane of every arcade gamer’s existence in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Beat ‘em ups were a cash cow for developers during the last few profitable years that arcades existed. These games featured repetitive gameplay that, as much as gamers hate to admit it, was highly addictive, offering them just enough incentive to keep pumping in quarters with their buddies in the hopes that they would finish the game—a task that was solely based on the size of their bank accounts. Companies like Capcom, Data East, Technos, Sega, SNK and Konami were making a pretty good living tormenting arcade-goers with games like Double Dragon, Final Fight, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bad Dudes. Read more

Episode 3 – House of A Thousand Tangents

On this episode, an awry Whatcha Playin’ segment breaks from its holding cell and takes over the whole podcast. This leads to an exploration on why Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are modern classics, followed by an in-depth discussion (and review) of Dead Space 2, at which point the conversation splinters off into ruminations on the state of the survival horror genre in general. We close the episode with our on-going wishlist picks for overlooked  games that deserve releases on Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation Network.

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